Tim Kline Fund

Tim Kline 11/22/1962 to 8/5/2010

On August 5, 2010 we lost one of the best handlers to the sport of Dock Jumping, Tim Kline, also known as The Dancing Bear. Tim’s passion and commitment to this sport was “second” to none.

At the Eastern Regional Championships, several of us were updated by Phil and Stacey Bittner about Tim’s grave site. There is no headstone to mark his final resting place. Personally this is hard for me to accept, but I know the family has done what they can.

Tim’s daughter, Megan has been contacted and has given permission for us to raise funds and place a headstone to honor Tim. We are launching a fund raiser through The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation. This is not a competition between clubs with rewards for the club or person that raises the most dollars. Simply a fund raiser to honor Tim’s grave with a headstone. Cost of the head stone is about $1,400 with a scripture about his passion and commitment to DockDogs.

Tim was the voice of DockDogs at many events. On the mic, there was no one better to get the competitors, spectators and dogs all excited about the event!

Always willing to give a helping hand at any event. Tim was always ready to have a good time with friends and make new friends along the way in his extensive travels doing what he loved to do. . .DockDogs.


Club Presidents, I am asking that you get with your board and members and make a tax deductible donation by the club or individual members.

Thanks for helping us remember what a great person Tim was and let’s honor him with a fitting tribute with a headstone.

If you did not know Tim Kline, ask someone at your next DockDogs event. I am sure they will be glad to tell you about all the great things this man did to promote this great sport.

Please go to the DONATE NOW button below to make your tax deductible donation now. As always we appreciate your support!

Jay Harris

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