Eastern Regionals Thank you

With the Eastern Regionals behind us, I want to thank everyone that has donated or collected for The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation.

We had a wonderful time at the Wisp Resort and the weather was fantastic during the day! We raised some additional funds at a spur of the moment auction at the Saturday night cookout. Thank you everyone who made this possible and for your generous donations!

The Eastern clubs for DockDogs have raised $2,801.00 and are in the lead to say they have raised the most money for the regional championship series. The Western clubs are right behind with $1,150.00. The central clubs are in 3rd with $65.00 and the Canadian clubs need to get started as their regionals are July 13th–15th.

We hope the other regionals have as much fun as we did and the fund raising continues.

All clubs can collect pledges, raise money or have fun jumps until October 15th for their donations to count towards the Jump-A-Thon.

Good Luck and have fun!